Box Vintage Modern

a modern website for a vintage shop

An affordable website design solution for the small high-street shop

Box Vintage Modern, an antiques store in Blandford Forum, Dorset, might deal in olde-worlde furniture and collectables but their business sense is anything but vintage in its approach.

It was time for a major facelift to their business website and Custom Made Web Design was the website design company to do it. A fast, image-focused, responsive design was needed to give their customers an overview of what they offer, in a convenient, quick-to-view way.

Let’s take a closer look …

outside of the box vintage modern shop in blandford forum dorset
Website layout showing responsive design when displayed on a mobile device


Essential to a device-driven, instant-results-hungry era, our fresh, modern websites are designed to be fast and responsive across all devices

There’s nothing more frustrating that visiting a website on a smart device, only to find the website layout doesn’t change from one device to another. There’s no point having a website that looks amazing on a desktop computer but that has tiny buttons, text and images when displayed on a mobile phone or tablet. A website needs to be user-friendly and customer focused. 

make it easy

We make sure that your customers can get in touch quickly; with a CMWD website nobody has to waste time searching for contact details

It’s up to you as to whether you have an email address displayed on your website – we would advise against it to avoid receiving spam/phishing emails. The way round this is to include a form in your contact area. We also like to include a map so that people can easily navigate to you if they’re in the area, as you can see in the example below:

call to action button displayed on a website

lead the way

We design websites with your customer in mind, using some technical design features make your site easy to navigate

  • call to action buttons
  • simple menu in header
  • social media links
  • fast-to-load images
  • s.e.o based text
  • and more!